Wednesday, June 12, 2013

F's experience in Kindermusik with Teacher Suzette

When my little daughter turned two I thought of enrolling her in a class so she’ll learn to socialize and interact more with other kids.  Something fun where she can learn and play.   One of my friends suggested Kindermusik.  I searched their website to learn more about their program and was happy to know that KM class is more on joyful activities using music and movement.  I have instilled music on my daughter since she was still in my tummy by playing Mozart and the like (I still do until now every night as a lullabye for her to go to sleep) because I believe that music stimulates the brain. So I thought this would be great for her! Their program is taught by licensed educators in over 66 countries worldwide that means it’s good and reputable.   The nearest class I found was in Capitol Hills which was an hour’s travel time from our home.  I enrolled Francesca when she was 2 years and 3 months old and she finished two semesters in Our Time curricula.

F was able to finish Milk and Cookies and Fiddle Dee Dee class.  These are the Kindermusik At-Home Materials which helped continue the joy of learning at home.  I still play the CDs and read the books to her until now.

On the first day of class I really don’t know what to expect.  When class started I was surprised when F bounced in the middle of the circle dancing as teacher Suzette sings It’s Our time.

For 45 minutes children have so much fun clapping, rocking, marching, rolling, tapping, jumping and moving to the beat.  Props like scarves, balls, drums, hoops, wooden music instruments, a colorful parachute, a maypole and so many more are introduced for them to dance and sing with.  Using these instruments, pretend play is more fun and it definitely enhanced F's imagination sometimes F will flit around the house using a scarf like she’s a flying butterfly.

               Dust, dust, dust! Scrub, scrub, scrub! To clean the dirt away!

                                                Storytelling with teacher Suzette

        F loves it when I put her on my lap and she bounces while we chant a song. 

Rocking time or Quiet time... lights are turned off & soft music is played... it's bubble time for F!

At the end of every activity Teacher Suzette sings Pack Away and the children follows putting away the instruments they used.  F practices this at home... she packs away her toys whenever I sing this and she joins me in the singing as well.

One thing that makes this class so great is the amazing teacher! Teacher Suzette does a fantastic job of teaching the kids! I learned that Kindermusik with Teacher Suzette and Friends is ranked among the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.  I thank our lucky stars we got to enroll here.  For me, she’s the best teacher! She sings well and the children loves her! I thought for a while she’s the voice behind the nursery songs in the take home CDs that’s how good her voice sounds.

This is my favorite part saying farewell.  Teacher Suzette calls the name of the children one by one as she sings goodbye and everyone repeats it.

I saw how my daughter progressed after the KM classes.  It helped develop her confidence, she's a little social butterfly now! hahaha I know F misses KM already whenever we pass Commonwealth area she gets giddy with excitement and hoots school! Teacher Suzette! Hang in there daughter we're just waiting for Daddy to arrive then we'll enroll you again! 

                                    Kindermusik is a bonding time for our family

                                     She loves Kindermusik with teacher Suzette!

Here's the Kindermusik located in Capitol Hills 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Class 2013 at Schola Progressio, QC

I have been scouting for a good school to enroll my daughter for summer class.  After a good search I settled with Schola Progressio.  The school's located at the back of FEU Hospital and is a good 45 minutes travel time from where we live.  Their summer program for nursery is good for 9 sessions scheduled at TWF every week lasting 2.5 hours per session.  The summer class tuition is affordable enough considering the tuition for the regular class ranges at 100k.  The school facilities are really good and security is very strict.  Wide parking space are also available for mommies like me who waits 2.5 hours until class are finished.  Teachers are competent also and I'm so happy that in that short time my daughter was able to hone her socialization skills which was my goal in the first place.

Art works are posted in the wall outside the classroom.  My heart stopped when I saw my daughter's works.  Oh boy was I really glad I enrolled her on this class!

After the class parents and yayas are called to go up to pick up their child.  These cute little children lines up and goes out of the classroom singing Chug-a Chug-a Choo-Choo!

her snack that I prepare everyday

Playground inside the building

                                                         Playground outside the building

There's a pool at the back but it's FEU's property already.  My baby insisted that she take a dip.

Oh there's a bonus! On the last day they had this culminating activity wherein the children got to perform on stage!

This is what the school premises look like

This is their classroom. It's really big... 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boracay Summer 2013

It's been 4 years since I last visited Boracay.  What with my pregnancy and raising my beautiful daughter and my hubby being not around... these were the reasons why it took years for me to come back.
This 2013 I convinced my husband we should have a vacation there so we could share the beautiful experience with our daughter who has a penchant for the sand and sea.  This will also serve as a post birthday gift to our daughter who will turn three on April. Booked our tickets last February 2013.   Unfortunately my husband was not able to be with us due to his commitment to his work at sea.

Being a seasoned lakwatsera when I was still in my "kabataan" I knew how to plan itineraries to make sure we get to enjoy the most of our vacation.  Started it by booking the earliest flight going to Boracay and the last flight going home.  At two in the morning we're off to the airport.  I parked my vehicle at NAIA terminal 3 parking area which costs p50 per day which is much cheaper instead of riding a taxi cab.


I didn't bother getting the airport transfers 'coz having been to Boracay a number of times I know how to get in and out of the place without paying extra fees for that service.  I chose to stay in station 1 as it boasts the finest stretch of white sand there is in Boracay.  The more high end accomodations are here and it is less crowded and has fewer vendors than the rest of White Beach.

       chose MR Holidays hotel that's nestled in between Discovery Shores and Ambassador in Paradise

Here are the fun activities we did during our 3D/2N stay in Boracay:

Glass Bottom Ride

Priced at p750 each I haggled it to p600 per adult (yaya and me) and half the price for my daughter.  The crew were very nice and accomodating.  They pick starfishes and other sea creatures so the children can hold and after they gently return it to the ocean.  I didn't intend for my daughter to snorkel but when she saw me jump into the water she ran and almost went in without a life vest on much to the amazement of the foreigners aboard but the crew caught her in time.  They donned a life vest  on her and assigned two crews to swim side by side with us to make sure the daughter is safe.

Island hopping

We rented a private boat priced at p1300 for three hours. They don't include Crystal Cove anymore in their itinerary due to some issues... boatmen say that management of Crystal Cove refuse to pay or share their earnings to the local government and they all agreed not to bring in tourists there anymore.  I persuaded the boatman to make a stop over in Crystal Cove just to take photos.  And what gorgeous photos I got from that place! Yeah!  We had snorkelling at Crocodile Island and lunch at Puka Beach.

Helmet Dive

I paid p700 for this activity which includes a CD with photos and videos. They allowed me to bring yaya and my daughter in the launching boat while I explored the sea under.  I never would have taken this activity if they did not allow this setup.  Leaving them unattended even in a very tourist friendly place like Boracay is unimaginable.

A visit to Boracay will not be complete without a taste of Jonah's famous shake! Oh the pansit canton still tastes heavenly!!! And my daughter surely loved it!

               Strolled in the sand on our way to have photos taken at the famous Boracay grotto...

                           Unfortunately so many people are in the area so I just settled for this shot.

             We had a delicious dinner at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano located in Boracay Mandarin Hotel

                                                      A treat for my little daughter in D'Mall

Our stay at MR Holidays was superb.  It's situated in between Discovery Shores and Ambassador in Paradise and so it shares on their heavenly beach space and oh what wonderful company it keeps.  They have chic recliner beds and fresh beach towels for the hotel guests.  The staff are friendly and very helpful most especially manong guard who makes sure me and the daughter are safe when we frolick infront of the hotel at night.  This vacation I can say is the most fun and beautiful experience I've ever had in Boracay.

Here are some photos taken at the front beach of MR Holidays

Fridays shot

                                            See you again Boracay! We'll be back in July 2013!