Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Class 2013 at Schola Progressio, QC

I have been scouting for a good school to enroll my daughter for summer class.  After a good search I settled with Schola Progressio.  The school's located at the back of FEU Hospital and is a good 45 minutes travel time from where we live.  Their summer program for nursery is good for 9 sessions scheduled at TWF every week lasting 2.5 hours per session.  The summer class tuition is affordable enough considering the tuition for the regular class ranges at 100k.  The school facilities are really good and security is very strict.  Wide parking space are also available for mommies like me who waits 2.5 hours until class are finished.  Teachers are competent also and I'm so happy that in that short time my daughter was able to hone her socialization skills which was my goal in the first place.

Art works are posted in the wall outside the classroom.  My heart stopped when I saw my daughter's works.  Oh boy was I really glad I enrolled her on this class!

After the class parents and yayas are called to go up to pick up their child.  These cute little children lines up and goes out of the classroom singing Chug-a Chug-a Choo-Choo!

her snack that I prepare everyday

Playground inside the building

                                                         Playground outside the building

There's a pool at the back but it's FEU's property already.  My baby insisted that she take a dip.

Oh there's a bonus! On the last day they had this culminating activity wherein the children got to perform on stage!

This is what the school premises look like

This is their classroom. It's really big...